Workshop on Evolutionary Algorithms for Problems with Uncertainty

July 10th-14th 2021

GECCO 2020 Program:

The workshop will take place online on July 8th from 8:30am-10:20am (Cancún time zone UTC/GMT-5).

8:35am - Accepted full paper: Solution Approaches for the Dynamic Stacking Problem

Sebastian Raggl, Andreas Beham, Stefan Wagner, Michael Affenzeller

9:00am - Invited talk: Genetic Programming Hyperheuristics in Dynamic Scheduling

Prof. Domagoj Jakobovic and Marko Đurasević, University of Zagreb, Croatia

9:40am - Invited talk: Evolutionary Computation for Dynamic Multi-objective Optimisation Problems

Prof. Shengxiang Yang, De Montfort University, UK

GECCO 2019 Program:

The Workshop will take place in Club C (1F) on Sunday 14th July from 08:30-10:20.

08:30 - Accepted full paper: A Generator for Dynamically Constrained Optimization Problems

Gary Pamparà, Andries P. Engelbrecht 

08:55 - Accepted full paper: Hybrid Techniques for Detecting Changes in Less Detectable Dynamic Multiobjective Optimization Problems

Shaaban Sahmoud, Haluk Rahmi Topcuoglu 

09:20 - Accepted position paper: Uncertainty in Real-World Steel Stacking Problems

Andreas Beham, Sebastian Raggl, Stefan Wagner, Michael Affenzeller 

09:35 - Invited keynote talk : Cost-aware robust optimisation over time

Prof. Yaochu Jin, University of Surrey, UK

GECCO 2018 Program:

The Workshop will take place in Conference Room A (3F) on Monday 16th July.

  • Exploration of the Effect of Uncertainty in Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Multi-Agent Societies with regard to their Average Characteristics
    Milen Georgiev, Ivan Tanev, Katsunori Shimohara
  • A Framework for High-Dimensional Robust Evolutionary Multi-Objective Optimization
    Wei Du, Le Tong, Yang Tang
  • Robust Multi-Modal Optimisation
    Khulood Alyahya, Kevin Doherty, Ozgur E. Akman, Jonathan E. Fieldsend
  • Invited Breaking Research Talk: Enhancing Evolutionary Optimization in Uncertain Environments by Allocating Evaluations via Multi-Armed Bandit Algorithms
    Xin Qiu, Risto Miikkulainen
  • Invited Keynote Talk: A Hyper-Heuristic Framework for Real-Valued Dynamic Optimization
    Prof. Andries Engelbrecht, Stellenbosch University, South Africa